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Precision Combo Grinder Brush

Precision Combo Grinder Brush

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The Precision Combo Grinder Brush is a dual sided brush that eases mess and maintains a clean environment. One side wipes crevices inside and around the grinder and the opposite side is used to sweep the excess spillage off the counter with an ergonomic handle that is designed for a comfortable, natural hold. 

The Precision Combo Brush is equipped with a storage hole solution in the counter sweeper side to hang brush and keep the barista station free of clutter. 


  • 1 x Precision Combo Brush 


  • Dual sided brush 
  • Grinder & counter sweeper 
  • Lightweight 
  • Detachable grinder brush end 
  • Durable, easy to wash, non-absorbent, waterproof nylon/plastic materials 
  • Able to hang on the wall for easy access 


Materials - Nylon & Plastic 


250 mm in Length

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