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Precision Rosewood 4 Fin Distributor 58mm

Precision Rosewood 4 Fin Distributor 58mm

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The Precision Rosewood 4 Fin Distributor is a beautifully designed addition to any coffee station at home or in the work place. This type of wood is a luxurious and exclusive species of wood that is hard wearing and durable for your daily coffee creating. The Rosewood features elegant, natural line formations and sits comfortably in the palm for a beneficial grip when distributing your baskets grind. 

The base of the Rosewood 4 Fin Distributor fits a 58mm basket portafilter, additionally is also adjustable to suit any depth of portafilters. This distributor also uses a four fin steel design that rotates around the basket lip so that leveling your grounds before tamping creates a uniform and consistent tamp.


Fits 58mm filter baskets

Distributes coffee grounds evenly

Ready for level tamp

Only available in one wood 

    Distributor perimeter - 58mm, industry standard 

    Materials - Stainless Steel, Rosewood 

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