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Precision Latte Art Tool Set

Precision Latte Art Tool Set

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Take your artistry to the next level with the Precision Latte Art Tool Set. The possibilities are endless with this set as you can show-off by making some detailed and intricate patterns in your coffee. 

These tools are a perfect addition to your arsenal as they can guide you to perfect geometric lines, complex tulips and lotus flowers, detailed hearts and various animals, shapes and calligraphy. 

The 6-tool heads allow baristas from all levels to have the ability to shape the crema and manipulate the milk froth any way imaginable with control and ease. 


  • 3 x double sided latte art pen styles
  • 6 x tool heads


  • Comfortable silicon/rubber grip
  • Stainless steel tools 
  • Spoon, knob, hook & lance tools


Materials - Rubber, Silicon, Stainless Steel 

Weight: Spoon - 46g, Hook - 37g, Knob - 37g


Length: All 209 mm 

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