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Di Pacci Coffee Company

Precision Digital Shot Timer

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The Precision Digital Shot Timer is for timing your espresso shots or filter brew. Great for machines that don’t have shot timers built in. This timer has a unique magnetic feature ensures it can be stuck on most metal surfaces so that the placement is convenient to the eye when timing your extraction. 

The timer uses a digital display and uses three button functions, using - min, sec, stop/start. To allocate the best shots, the user can adjust the setting to count up to count down in the settings. The Precision Digital Shot Timer is small and compact and facilitates a consistent brew. 


  • 1 x Precision Digital Shot Timer 


  • Times in minutes & seconds
  • Count up & count down
  • Digital display screen
  • Magnetic backing to attach to any metal surface 
  • On/Off switch at the back 
  • Interchangeable battery operated using a LR1130 button cell battery 


Power Supply - LR1130 button cell battery. Battery lifespan is indicative of 2-3 years

Materials - Plastic, Alloy materials used for magnet


53 x 8 x 70 mm