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Precision Large Milk Thermometer

Precision Large Milk Thermometer

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The Precision Large Milk Thermometer is an essential tool when making the most tasteful brew. To measure the consistency of your milk is easy — insert the thermometer into your milk pitcher, push the clip onto the side of the milk pitcher wall to secure it in place (making sure the stem is not touching the bottom of the pitcher) and stretch your milk to the desired frothiness then watch the dial as the temperature rises.

Tip: Always position the milk thermometer onto the pitcher before filling with milk to ensure you have seated it at the correct height. Additionally try listening and using your hand to feel the temperature with the thermometer so you can acquire a perfect temperature with your human senses as well. The best milk temperature sits at 60°C. 


  • 1 x Precision Large Milk Thermometer 


  • Clear temperature dial reading
  • Durable, heat withstanding materials, made of stainless steel, silicon, plastic 
  • Wall clipping for steady placement inside milk pitcher 
  • Can measure temperature for milk, espresso, black tea & green tea
  • Temperature can withstand up to 110°
  • Large stem for bigger milk jugs and more volume measurement 


Materials - Stainless Steel, Silicon, Plastic 


160 mm in Length

42 mm - Temperature Dial Width

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