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Precision Laser Cut Filter Basket 58MM - 14-18g

Precision Laser Cut Filter Basket 58MM - 14-18g

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 The Precision Laser Cut Basket is made from quality stainless steel and laser cut technologies to improve the extraction process and improve overall performance of the filtering as well as the taste and expertise. This Precision Laser Cut filter basket filters and strains the grounds to the perfect level of consistency so that the end result is impeccable and delicious.

Laser cutting is beneficial as it emblazons a more precise hole in the basket to deter rough edges and increase edge quality within the pierced holes so that the oils and coffee liquid smoothly extract and filter through the basket. 

All Precision Laser Cut baskets fit the perimeter of a 58mm group handle and are specifically designed with complex and specific placement laser cutting to promote better filtration and advantageous methods of extracting.


  • Aluminium storage container
  • 1 x 14 - 18g Laser Cut Filter basket


  • Stainless steel Laser Cut Filter Basket 
  • Aluminium storage container
  • Foam cushioning protection 
  • Laser Cut basket holes for smooth extraction 
  • Ridged inner & outer lip around perimeter top 
  • Can fit all E-61 & 58mm portafilters
  • Perfect for a standard double shot


Basket perimeter - 58mm, industry standard 

Basket Size - 14 - 18g

Materials - Foam, Aluminium, Stainless Steel


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