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Precision Steam Wand Wire Brush

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The Precision Steam Wand Wire Brush maintains a clean environment, to clean steam wands and portafilter spouts. This long wired brush has the ability to bend and flex reach the difficult areas of the machine such as the shower filter, shower seals, portafilter spouts, basket lips and milk wands.

The Precision Soft Wire Brush is equipped with a wired loop hole at the end for easy storage solutions, additionally the soft bristles enables strong force without causing scratching or damage to the machine.



Soft bristles for gentle cleaning 

Durable, easy to wash, non-absorbent, waterproof nylon, stainless steel

Wire loop hole for easy storage 

Cleans your steam wand 

Suitable for most commercial and domestic portafilters

Materials - Nylon & Stainless Steel


200mm - Wire shaft Length