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Di Pacci Coffee Company

Precision Microfiber Cloth Cafe Wipes - 5 Pack

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The Precision Barista Cloths are made from premium microfibre materials to assist in cleaning solutions for your machine, grinder and tools. This towel absorbs and clears away any build up from dried milk on your steam wand to streaking on your coffee machine, the cloths are also recommended to dry your portafilter baskets so that water and oils are absorbed by then micro fibres and the basket is prepared for the coffee grind and ready for extraction. 

The Nylon and Polyester blend of microfibres are woven together into the fabric and they create a net structure that has the ability to absorb and trap moisture, dirt and other particles. The Precision Barista Cloths are the perfect element to any Barista station as these properties are what creates an easy, clean and high quality environment.


  • 1 x Pack of 5 Barista Cloths


  • Microfibre material made from highly absorbent fibres known at nylon/polyester
  • Wipes away streaking and any build up formation
  • Soft, weightless fabric
  • Eyelet hole and carabiner to hang off counter for easy use


Materials - Polymer and Polyester 


300 mm x 300mm